Sales & Presentations Skills

If you are trying to persuade senior leaders, inspire direct reports, pitch to new clients or raise funds, Olystix will help you with proven sales and presentation strategies.

Have a look at some of the key programmes we've put together for our clients. We give our clients great results every time. This means that from the outset we focus on the results you want to see. Your challenges are specific to you, your people, your organisation and your industry. We take time to understand your individual needs and develop the right programmes. Click here for more information on our approach.

Key programmes

Pitch Coaching

Have you ever walked out of a pitch thinking: "That could have gone so much better"? Most pitches go wrong because your message is not clear and you fail to stand out.

To help you prepare for your next pitch, we will work with you to: clarify what makes you special; craft strong opening and closing lines; and frame your pitch with an inspiring story of how different you are and how you can help them (your prospective clients or partners).

On the delivery front, we will coach you to pitch in talking language, to be likable and to advance the relationship by asking great questions about their businesses.

Executive Presentation Skills

Working on a real-life presentation, this programme gives a framework you can use time and time again when presenting. We call it the 3Ds approach.

Develop. You learn to identify your key messages, develop a logical structure and use supporting data.

Design. You learn the techniques to simplify and beautify your supporting material.

Deliver. You practice. You receive feedback. You practice again. And we teach you to control Q&A sessions.

Networking Skills

Our networking workshop follows a 4-step process to help you connect with people effectively.

  • Step 1 - Listening to build rapport
  • Step 2 - Asking questions to discover more
  • Step 3 - Telling inspiring stories
  • Step 4 - Following trough consistently

People leave the workshop with stronger personal impact and social skills.

Influencing Skills

How do you come across? Do you find it easy to gain support for your ideas and get people on board?

In this programme we explore 4 aspects: building your credibility bank, flexing your approach to different personality types, working through objections and thinking like a CFO by building sound business cases.

Follow-up coaching sessions are essential to receive feedback and advice on your personal style.

This programme is CPD certified.

CPD Certified

Choose the format that works best for you

1to1 sessions

Through individual coaching sessions, we work together on specific areas and challenges of your choice such as: Greater personal impact - Dealing with difficult situations - Performance Management - Building positive relationships - Adding values in all areas.

We look at what you need to change and commit to a very specific action plan using the Stop - Start - Continue model.

Bite-Sized Training

Bite-sized refers to content that is easy to digest. The less content you have, the more learning, remembering and applying can take place. Our sessions are designed to cover the fundamentals of a particular topic in just 2 hours. This means we start with the end in mind: what do we want people to do differently? And we focus on the 1 or 2 behaviours that will make the greatest difference.


We run Pitch Masterclasses for start-ups and Business Presentation Skills Masterclasses for anyone wanting to develop and deliver meaningful business presentations.

You will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of your presentation: content, structure, design, delivery and Q&A sessions. You will receive individual feedback throughout the class.

Pitch Masterclass

Business Presentations Masterclass


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