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If you face soft skills challenges as you rise up the company ladder, Olystix will help you polish your communication style and personal impact, motivate and inspire your teams, and better manage pressure.

Have a look at some of the key programmes we've put together for our clients. Our programmes are praised for producing results every time. This means that from the outset we focus on the results you want to see. Your challenges are specific to you, your people, your organisation and your industry. We take time to understand your individual needs and develop the right programmes. Click here for more information on our approach.

Key programmes

Rising Leaders / Core Management Skills

Leading and managing others is a new experience that requires new skills. Rising Leaders has been designed to give new managers the skills they need to be effective in helping their team members to grow and feel good at work.

Over a 6-month period, they get access to training workshops and personalised follow-up sessions. Workshops are built around group exercises to help managers understand their current behaviours, followed by group discussions to brainstorm what they could change and what their challenges might be.

The topics we focus on are: self-awareness, being human and personal, coaching and feedback skills, as well as personal impact. This programme is CPD Certified.

CPD Certified

Building Personal Leadership

We kick start the programme with a 360 feedback appraisal to assess your current footprints.

From there, we work on leveraging your strengths and addressing areas of improvement so you become more flexible and effective in managing business relationships and challenges.

This happens through a blend of 1:1 advisory sessions and peer learning groups, where we challenge how you think, act and influence others.

Performance Management

Getting the best out of your teams and dealing with performance issues require the very best communication skills.

We have identified 4 shifts managers must make: improve how performance goals are set, learn the art of coaching as a manager, rethink the way you conduct appraisal meetings and shape employee development plans.

This practical programme will provide you with tools and techniques. Follow-up coaching sessions are a must to help you make the shift.

Motivation Skills

Does your management style naturally motivates? Do you clearly understand the needs of your people? Do you have what it takes to create a positive work environment?

This programme is run as a set of practical workshops where we challenge you to come up with specific actions that can be implemented straight away.

The workshops are built around two concepts: The Extra Degree concept and The VIP Treatment concept.

Choose the format that works best for you

1to1 sessions

Through individual coaching sessions, we work together on specific areas and challenges of your choice such as: Greater personal impact - Dealing with difficult situations - Performance Management - Building positive relationships - Adding values in all areas.

We look at what you need to change and commit to a very specific action plan using the Stop - Start - Continue model.

Bite-Sized Training

Bite-sized refers to content that is easy to digest. The less content you have, the more learning, remembering and applying can take place. Our sessions are designed to cover the fundamentals of a particular topic in just 2 hours. This means we start with the end in mind: what do we want people to do differently? And we focus on the 1 or 2 behaviours that will make the greatest difference.


We run Pitch Masterclasses for start-ups and Business Presentation Skills Masterclasses for anyone wanting to develop and deliver meaningful business presentations.

You will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of your presentation: content, structure, design, delivery and Q&A sessions. You will receive individual feedback throughout the class.

Pitch Masterclass

Business Presentations Masterclass


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