How we work

Olystix was founded by Jeanne Monchovet, a business communication expert with 15 years' experience advising organisations on branding, message creation, reputation management, and employee communications.

Jeanne's approach is to combine her communication expertise with insights from neuroscience to help her clients achieve results.

Insights from neuroscience

Neuroscience provides insights into how the brain works, and in recent years these insights have been translated into practical applications at work, including: how we can motivate ourselves to change, how to stay calm under pressure, how to organise ourselves, how to develop positive relationships, how to make decisions, how to perform at your best and how to best learn.

Through the practice of easy-to-apply tools and techniques, neuroscience has shown that within a relatively short period of weeks the brain can rewire itself - how you think, what you say, and what you do. But because of the way the brain is hardwired for survival, change is almost always perceived as a threat. So your brain will only rewire itself if it judges the change and the outcomes to be important, rewarding and easy to implement.

This is why our programmes are both highly practical and customised.

Highly practical

We continuously develop a collection of simple tools, techniques and concepts. We share them during our training and coaching sessions and we challenge you to apply them on a daily basis. We often end-up co-creating new tools with our clients to further ease the learning process.

Even when delivering group training programmes and group workshops, we only focus on discussions and activities that relate to the challenges you face. We bring individual attention and support at all time.


We use the 3-phase marketing approach to customise all our programmes.

Phase 1 - Analysis
This phase is about asking the important questions. We organise in-depth interviews with you and key stakeholders to fully understand your situation: your current challenges, your clear priorities, your desired outcomes and how we will measure progress and results.

Phase 2 - Designing & Implementing
With those important questions answered, we begin bringing the pieces together to build the programmes that get to the roots of your challenges and ensure you will produce results.

Phase 3 - Monitoring & Evaluating
Integrating new behaviours, new actions and new ways of thinking requires reinforcing them over a period of time. During this phase, we check your progress, advise you on how to overcome obstacles, review and refine your goals and prioritise next steps.

The Olystix difference

100% of our business is word of mouth and repeat business. We asked our clients what they value the most from partnering with us.

We are relevant
The content of our programmes and our advice are grounded in commercial reality.

We produce results
We succeed in getting people to reach the next level. People leave our programmes challenged, inspired, and with a clear action plan.

We are agile
We adapt as needs change with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

CPD Certification - A sign of our quality

CPD Certified

We pride ourselves in providing quality training programmes that lead to tangible results.

We offer a range of training programmes independently assessed and approved by the CPD Standards Office. This means that these programmes have successfully undergone a rigorous, independent assessment against universal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation standards. More specifically, this ensures that we adhere to the highest standards in the way we plan, structure, deliver and monitor the results of our training programmes.

Upon completion of the CPD Accredited training programmes, participants will be awarded with the CPD Certification certificate, providing evidence of formal learning for Continuing Professional Development requirements. They'll also receive confirmation of the CPD points gained training with us, which can be submitted as part of their CPD records.

The following Olystix training programmes are now CPD certified: Influencing Skills - Core Management Skills. Coning soon: Presentation Skills - Leadership Skills - Communication Skills.

Our clients

We are proud to have developed long term relationships with some big brands, early stage start-ups, fast growing tech companies and government bodies.

Easy Roommate
Euler Hermes
Waltham Forest
Medical Chambers
Plan International
Handicap International
Bouygues Development
Business Growth Programme, London & Partners

What our clients say

Jeanne and I worked together to refine my pitch deck and improve its delivery. After going through the material she was able to very quickly provide valuable input. Her methodology and structure helped give the pitch a much needed clarity to the message delivered. I'd highly recommend working with her!

Jean-Michel Chalayer
Co-Founder & CEO, LeSalon


I have achieved so much in the 6 months we worked together! I can see the positive changes in the way I approach situations and conduct myself with stakeholders and in meetings. I am not the same person. I feel empowered to deal with situations and face new challenges. My little book of notes and Jeanne's tips, is always close at hand.

Sharon Smith
Solicitor-Legal Manager, Euler Hermes UK

Euler Hermes

Jeanne designed and facilitated a vital and very successful key programme for the senior managers and leaders of Ceridian UK. Our senior management each commented on how Jeanne's contribution, through joining thinking up and identifying key win elements, played such a significant role in making the programme successful. I am happy to say that the programme has delivered success, and that its impact continues.

Doug Sawers
Managing Director, Ceridian UK Limited

Ceridian UK Limited

Jeanne built the Rising Stars programme to help our young talents develop good management habits and personal effectiveness as early as possible. As a result they are more engaged, they understand their role in the business and the team cohesion is greater. Jeanne was praised by all participants. She is a great consultant to work with. A highly recommended stellar programme.

Cedric Brochier
General Manager, VivaStreet


Jeanne truly helped us define our pitch, training us to communicate our start-up's value proposition. Jeanne's analytical skills are unquestionable. She knows what to leave/what to include, where to start/where to end and how to frame the story. And as a bonus, she is honest and full of contagious energy.

Rosaria Truppo
CMO & Co-Founder, Photocert


Olystix pitch coaching workshops have helped companies in the programme to get clarity about their USPs and tell their story in a compelling and concise way. Jeanne's expertise, direct and energetic style means that, in just one morning, she manages to provide personalised, spot on advice to everyone in the room.

Vanessa Romer
Business Growth Programme, London & Partners

Business Growth Programme, London & Partners

I found Jeanne a very knowledgeable and practical advisor. The techniques she proposed and the advice given regarding presentations and sales approaches have proved extremely valuable, enabling me to secure consultancy work and a sign off for my re-organisation proposals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jeanne to any prospective clients.

Vicky Ladizhinskaya
Contracts and Service Development, Waltham Forest Local Council

Waltham Forest

Jeanne established a clear and manageable programme for me over several months. Her input was critical and our collaboration yielded positive results from day one. She especially helped me in my communication with my team and colleagues. She had a very positive result on my management style and helped me find my feet in the organisation.

Leslie Venon
Senior Consultant, Frenger


I worked with Jeanne when I had to prepare for a pitch in very little time. Her approach was very efficient. She asked a few questions and got me to deliver my pitch. She then made suggestions on how to present my story in the optimal and simplest way. All that in just a couple hours.

Maz Nadjm
Founder, SoAmpli



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